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Latest From Conrad Black

New Hampshire Brings Clarity to Democrats' Race

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The Democrats are finally moving very suddenly to choose a candidate. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren have effectively been driven out of the race, leaving Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and former mayors Michael Bloomberg (New York), and Pete Buttigieg (South Bend). Buttigieg has been a fabricated candidate, roaming around the policy spectrum  and running on the novelties of being an overt gay and ...

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Conrad Black: The Davos elite have seen the future, but didn't recognize it — it's the U.S.

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Last week a friend sent me a summary from the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos, with the heading "RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Thought Leadership." The subtitle was "Davos 2020: The Race for Global Scale." This did not sound like a gripping race to me, but as a former long-time attender of those meetings, and an occasional presenter (I succeeded the late Bob Maxwell, briefly, as leader of the media group, which was distinguishedly attended), ...

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Latest From Barbara Amiel

Why the CBC needs new blood

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Off the cliff went Evan Solomon, the most recent putative successor to CBC's über-news personality Peter Mansbridge. Before him it was Amanda Lang, whose rumoured future as the next Mansbridge was detonated by the stir over her relationship with the Royal Bank of Canada. Being thought of as possible heir to Mansbridge should come with danger pay. And if success is measured in terms of successfully getting rid of your successors, the outcome was an (unwished for) success for Peter.

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On spring miracles and monarch butterflies

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"Do you remember," I asked the butterfly, "how you felt when you came out of your chrysalis and discovered you could fly?" The butterfly quivered. This was last October when I was chatting to lingering monarchs in our garden. "Did you have any memory, as your wings dried and you began to soar toward the sun, of what it was like to be a caterpillar, all wriggly and earthbound?"

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Interview with Boris Johnson

Conrad Black's conversations with Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London, on a number of subjects including dissatisfaction with the EU, several years before Brexit.

Interview with Bob Rae

Conrad Black talks with Bob Rae, former NDP Premier of Ontario and former interim leader of the federal Liberal Party, about politics, problems facing Aboriginal communities across Canada, the "niqab issue," religious fanaticism, and many other topics.

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